Zverejnené 18 dec 2018
Get out the popcorn and check out our TOP 10 UNFORGETTABLE FAST MONEY MOMENTS for 2018. These are some of the most EPIC COMEBACKS we've ever had on the Feud!
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  • Divon screams, Steve Harvey looks petrified!

  • That Tao guy is hot he kinda looks like Ryan Gosling

  • As much as I drink kool aid I still did not think it’d be that many people that said it 😩

  • Strawberries are not berries

  • 26:01 really made me laugh lol the way she instantly regretted "Unicorn". Damn that was beautiful 😆

  • Alia is ugly af 2 me. U can tell she thinks she's the shit!

  • I dunno how grapefruit got that much points for being larger than an orange

  • Yassssssss

  • 1:00 or 2:00pm for Thanksgiving dinner... Wtf lol!?

    • It might be cultural, but a lot of Black families (mine included) eat holiday meals around 1:00pm or 2:00pm and then visit for a while before heading back home (with leftovers, of course, LOL) around 7:00pm. I think White families probably do the 4:00pm thing because it's usually eat, the women chit-chat, the guys and kids watch football and then everybody leaves within a few hours, but Black folks have to bring out the cards and dominoes while the kids go pile up in Big Mama's room to sleep, so we eat earlier to get to the 'good stuff.' 🤣

  • Good stuff ! I'll be doing a Family Feud Style show in Wisconsin tomorrow - GameShowGuy.com - I do shows nationwide and if Steve ever needs a vacation - I am here for him.

  • in which world grapefruit trumps watermelon?

  • Serena is a beautiful woman.

  • Wow. That guy clearly understood the question, they literally asked him twice. He just couldn’t think of anything so he said sizzle because it sounds similar. He totally should not have gotten another chance

  • KOOLAID is not juice !!! 🤣🤣

  • Used to like Steve Harvey tell I found out he believes an backs Jussie Smoletts story. Now he can go to hell with Jussie. Steve Harvey is rascist black man.

  • Strawberries are not berries

  • How come no one ever questions why the hell do they get so excited about $4000 ($20,00 split by 5 people)??

    • Goal is to keep winning. If they won all 5 days that'll be $20K! Either way $4K/hr...I'll take that any day

    • Still an easy money

  • The first family 🤣 _In yo face Harvey!_

  • Lady at 42 reminds me of cardi

  • Kool aid must have been considered juice thats y the points where so high 44:08

    • Jheyanneify yes it was but koo laid is just flavoring sugar and water not juice . They still would have won tho

  • TWO

  • The black family was everything 😂😂😂😂😂you better shut the front door

    • Kool-aid I was not expecting that LMAO

  • Alia way freaking me out

  • Sizzle!

  • Lumpy the 8th dwarf..... hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!

  • 49:36 Family reaction put this video in my Favorites folder all by itself. So genuine and awesome! 💓

  • That is the problem, I'm in canada, that sweet beautiful lady is in the states. If I can, she better move up here. lol

  • As she won't see this , I actually really like her, Sucks she's in the states, and me up north in canada.

  • She won't see this, but Alia, I loved the cold icicle look. Actually looked awesome on you and to girls, it fit well.

  • A Galeon makes 5,62$ in Germany right now. 😉😂🇩🇪

  • 3:26 "on a person"... I cannot believe that was up there!! lol

  • tap is a freak 😂

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  • Nicole is smart and pretty

  • you grind a person 😂

  • The first dehart sister is getting in spirit even Steve is afraid of her. Then the second sister- U better shut the front door

  • Koolaid? seriously?

  • What time do people start eating Thanksgiving Dinner. 2:00 p.m., well in this day and age that properly is true because of Black Friday. Black Friday is or at least in Ohio is no longer on Black Friday it is now on Thanksgiving night.

  • That girl make me hate the whole family 42:00

  • MY FAVORITE COMPILATION!! We know they're gonna win but the anticipation and the thrill of winning keeps us in suspense. I'm gonna have a lot of PATIENCE pourin myself a big cup of Kool Aid in the morning!

  • 13:56 lmao i love how whenever it’s suspenseful he screams “survey SAID” way louder

  • lmao dude in the first round. “until your empty”

    • I kinda shock that gave him another chance say 3:25

  • These were epic wins...wow!!

  • Steve u look like an asshole.. when u make such faces


  • That Erika girl is pretty

  • Am I the only one that heard him say “all he needs is blueberry”?

  • “You grind on a person” when that answer was right i could just see steve losing more and more faith in humanity 😂😂😂

    • Ikr 😂😂😂 Most of the questions are designed the way to do that to Steve 🤣🤣😂😂

  • At 9:29 that look Wayne gave Danny was "If you f*ck this up, I'll kill you. I gave you 193 points you sum'b*tch!".

  • Go to death valley, gas costs over $5.00

  • Why do we hafta watch the fams jump up & down at the end of each episode? You coulda edited that by fifteen mins!

  • Who drinks Kool-Aid in the morning instead of juice? I didn't start learning my abc's until I was in kindergarten and I was 6.

  • Way minute Koolaid? Wtf I haven't had Koolaid since I became a mom 🙅🏾 10 years almost

    • Kirsty Kirsty they counted koolaid as juice

  • 🤦🏾 Women we yell so loud lol

  • *You better shut the front door*

    • I thought she was going to say something else. LOL

    • The look on Steve's face was priceless. LMAO!

  • 14:13 This MFer just dabbed...

  • at 24:51 I thought the bald man was steve hahahhaha

  • Lumpy the dwarf I can just see it No thank you

  • Strawberries aren't even berries though... bananas are.

    • Really

    • That doesn't matter at all. It's just about answers that could've been given and this was number one.

    • it was a typo D;

    • strawberries are a fruit 😂 they aren't berries.

  • 14:38 Omg it’s Ali-A

  • Sesame street definitely wasn't my first thought lol. I thought of chicken and seed lol.

    • Dre Williams I bet you only thought of food that's why.

  • "Three" was the number one answer for hours spent online a day?! Clearly they didn't survey anyone under 50. That is insanely dumb.

    • Or anyone that worked

    • If people work they don't have that much time. So it depends on who you're asking.

  • The second guy cheated he says Sizzle at first

    • I agree just like the guy who said. Till you are empty. That should been his answer. Not $3.25. They would Not have one became 3.25 only got 4 points give him a change at very end to get 2 points they need.

    • +Nelson Robert Willis it doesn't matter if they gave him a benefit of doubt he said a completely different word

    • +Austin Burras U keep missing the point. He didn't cheat. It's like Radimunto said, the judge(s) gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    • So maybe the show cheated for the second guy, he didnt make the rules. Duh, LOL

    • They would never have allowed that in the UK - we've had people obviously misunderstand the question (name a type of ache comes to mind) and they didn't give them a second go.

  • I want to see him do family fued with the new look

  • Did he say on a person???? lol

  • Love the feud so much

  • How is it fair that they think he misunderstood? He understood he just didn't have an answer. Other families have lost twenty thousand because of one point and they should have been given the benefit of the doubt too.

    • Steve meant to announce Miss Columbia at that moment

    • That's NOT fair to change answers like that. They should have had him keep his answers wheather he won or not.

    • A. T. 7

    • +SpiritAwakens Me too but I agree with A.T. too!

  • If he would have come with middle he might have gotten 200 points all by himself

  • oh thank u Jesus oh yes,

  • " *SECURE THAT BAG!* " 😂😂

  • Is "grinding on a person" a euphemism for sex that I've never heard of?

    • Grinding on a person can be dancing in a provocative or sensual manner.

  • "Tell me why you think a man is from Texas" If he's racist.

  • 6:40 I don't think he misunderstood

    • Gloria Dou they just wanted him to get 200

  • This POS Steve Harvey still has a job? OMG.

    • Give me a link to his latest stand up. Is it post 9-11?

    • +Troy Kearney Nope ...I just make fun of black people with no talent all day who obviously threaten to sue people if they don't hire them and blame it on racism. ;-) To be fair Ellen DeGeneres is even worse for similar reasons. Not being black...but being gay and likely threatening to sue anyone who doesn't hire her and call them homophobic.

    • He does have talent (a lot actually) he will always be a stand -up comedian first. He has always been funny rather you like him or not. And calling him a token was uncalled for and this is not the time and place to be preaching about the bible teachings. That's y'all dedicating your whole life to a damn book.

    • +Trinh Nguyen Oh like Trump? Sounds like a great guy.

  • Petrol all ready costs over $6 a Gallon in the U.K!!

  • Life

  • It's amazing how quickly Steve goes from hugging the contestant to being completely out of frame

    • You would to if family wins and don't want get jumped on

    • Ummmmmmmmmm Steve has to get away to address the audience and even back to Richard Dawson days, the host will walk away from the celebration.

    • James Weldon It is because they may knock him over of he does not move out of the way.

    • James Weldon I hardly ever see a contestant hug Steve or shake his hand 😯

  • I wanna drink Kool-Aid with those Dehart sisters !! XOXOXO.

  • 45:21 nanny fanny thicc af

  • 2018 wowowowow🎉🎉

  • I love Steve Harvey!!!!!!! He is funny!

  • Love itttttt!

  • I wanna be famous😤😤😤

    • Well im not famous

    • @Rëågåñ *_i see what you did there_*

    • Na na na na nana na na I wannaaaaaaa beeeeeee famoussss

    • +belladabean am already tracer

    • Okba Degla I wanna be tracer