BTS: Mic Drop (Live) - SNL

Zverejnené 14 apr 2019
Musical guest BTS performs "Mic Drop" on Saturday Night Live.
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  • Wow a Powerful Performance!

  • 💖💖💖💖💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • I saw this with my mom and when they started doing body rolls I LITERALLY died. ‘-‘ send help

  • I like jk and v outfits ^--^

  • Insane awesome. I love you BTS🤗

  • Damn. I’m sitting at home not doing shit, while these guys just performed like 1,000,000 shows in a week. These guys are the hardest-working artists, I have ever seen and heard. They deserve as many awards as they can get, and I bet that still wouldn’t be enough. Great Job BTS!


  • Legend has it , Do ANY of BTS choreography and you’re guaranteed to loose 30+ plans

  • They look tiered.

  • Anyone have tickets to their show in NJ?

  • I kinda like jins voice being deeper

  • 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • I can never get tired of mic drop performance😫🤟🤟

  • My firstlove MiC Drop!

  • Can I have JIMIN'S fancam please

  • 00:13 제이홉 랩스타일이랑 춤.. 진짜 너무 멋있다ㅜㅜ 잘하는거 보고 소름돋는다는게 이런거구나. 갑자기 막 잘생겨보이고

  • It's a shame to see all of that mathematics repetition going to waste like this.

  • V:Haters gonna sick!!!! Me be like:Thats my man!!yeah

  • If you want to learn more about those humble people, check out "Who are BTS? The seven members of bangtan". If you want to watch an outstanding performance, *definitely* watch " Melon music awards 2018 BTS performance Who are you".

  • I usually cringe with kpop acts coming to the states because they start singing in english and trying too hard to seem cool. By not making 100% english songs, the swag seems more genuine. First time I saw a legit kpop group here and like them without cringing.

    • Agreed. BTS lowkey said that themselves. Everyone kept saying they need to sing in English to make it in America. But they're reluctant to do an English album because it would lose their authenticity. Plus it helps that BTS actually comes from a hip hop group that expanded to pop rather than a pop group trying to take on rap/hip hop swag.

    • but this would be the english version of mic drop you dope. wtf are you on about?

    • If you have time try to watch "who is bts the seven members of bangtan" , "bts from nobodies to legends part 1 and part 2" ,"bts hardships" , "bts are just people , and "why namjoon shines bright as the leader" . These videos is about bts background and their journey from the beginning until they become right now. They're actually got ridiculed a lot and got banned from korean citizen a lot . Just search at the old articles about bts , a lot of accuse / slander articles about them in korea. Korean looked down on them because of their group's name. Because bts in korean means "bangtan sonyeondan" which means "bulletproof boyscouts" . Which is weird to korean people. Korean people tend to looked down at bts because they're from small and unknown company. Which is in korea, if you're from unknown company , you'll hard to success and people don't like it when small company got recognition. They even got a lot of hate since their debut because they make a hiphop song but be an kpop idol. Bts is very inspiring artist if you do some resesrch on them. They've changed a lot of people out there :) Their songs have a lot of meaning and their personality and passions towards music is one of the reason why people love them . That's why their fans are very enthusiastic towards them :) because we not just love the music , but we love them. Most people think bts fans are mostly teenagers which is wrong , bts fans are diverse. :) Also, boy with luv is actually a song dedicated to their fans :) and this concept is very different from bts usual concept because they always make a beat and hip hop songs since their debut. And that's how much bts love their fans :) I recommend these songs if you want to give a try : "bts born singer live eng sub" (this is a remix of j.cole born sinner but bts changed the lyrics) and "bts suga nevermind live eng sub" , "bts spring day" (watch this first then watch "spring day mv explained" this song is actually very deep. It's about a big and horrible tragedy that happened in korea) , bts epiphany , truth untold , singularity , serendipity , dead leaves , young forever epilogue and more. Theres a lot of meaning songs of them. And i've never seen other kpop groups like them . In my opinion, bts is actually not like kpop groups that i've seen. Their music videos is actually related to each other. It's like a story going on with each m/v they posted. Bts fans even have a twitter account where we discuss about the storyline. Example like bts run , i need you and a lot more. Also, only bts did this m/v theory :) This is very long comment , i just want to let other people know bts is different and get away the prejudice towards bts.

  • bts proved really how talented they are and surely there's a # between being loved and force others to love you . there's a fact that bts paved the way to so many other kpop idols but no one canbe BTS😜

  • Taehyung i love ur swag😍


  • jimin's face expression at 1:46

  • 와우 완전 쩔어!!!멋지닷

  • 왜 마이크에 에코 같은게 전혀없지? SNL 다른 가수 나왔을땐 마이크에 에코가 다있는거 같은데? 차별하나?

  • فاطمة زينب d ts

  • حسي

  • حلووو

  • Can we just talk about jin’s body rolls 😍😭😍😍

  • 저렇게 춤을 추면서 노래를 부르는게 가능한거야???@@

  • Watching that dance break makes me feel like I just got served. I feel like Randy Marsh in the "You Got F'd in the A" episode of South Park.


  • Man.... I have to say this performance is lit AF, add up to this J-Hope’s moves and the way he spits his rape part is super dope bro.

  • Jungkook

  • Suga

  • Jimin

  • RM

  • J hoooooope

  • Jin, força.

  • Jin esqueceu que tava ao vivo. Rs


  • @Namjoon and Jin, y'all know you improved your dancing so much right?

  • 😭😭😭😭💛💛💛😭😭

  • I was like “omgsh there gonna do it😍” 😂

  • *Jungkook + powerful dance = reason why I live.*

  • Jungkook always slays the stage especially in powerful choreo.

  • FUUUUUCK PARK JIMIN WITH THAT HARD SHOULDER THRUST..... found dead in a ditch because of park jimin

  • body rolls are nice and all, but you know what's better? Jungkook controlling hoseok's and Taehyung's hips

  • 2:00 wtf was J-Hope doing

  • BTS × Emma Stone = Fabulous

  • TODOS UNOS PROFECIONALES!!!!! me encantan...

  • They dope

  • Choreography? What choreography? We don't need those! We look good anyway! I swear they all threw out several dance moves and even lyrics omg xD God, I love them so freaking much!

  • This comment section should be on every bts video...

  • Dont like boy bands but these guys are athletes...respect

  • Блииин. Я в шоке в конце на партию Чимина показали Техёна!! Серъезно Карл блин оператор Дибил!!😠😠😠😈😠😠😠😠😠😡

  • dead 😲

  • Even after all that dancing and sing and rapping they were still very smooth at the end with there choreography. I am highly impressed.

  • LIT

  • Someone at my school was wearing bright yellow Nike sneakers and everyone thought they looked kinda rediculouse😂 seriously HOSEOK SLAYS IN THEM YESSSSSSS😍💛

  • I really like BTS but WTF are they wearing. I'm mainly confused with J-Hope and RM, poor them.

    • The new LV. Streetwear collections. A lot of people Love them

  • i have "cant stop watching this" syndrome help me

  • 어떻습니까? 대한민국 국보1호입니다💜

  • This is actually good music. I'm mainly an EDM fan but this is going in a play list

    • +MyrthexLatoya I will.thank you!! I'd never heard of them

    • Zac Eishen BTS also has a lot of EDM songs! Check out DNA, Fire, Save Me, Not Today and Blood Sweat & Tears

  • quả outfit chất vc =)0

  • The 4K dislikes are from people who tried out for Bighit but didn’t get in. Y’all need to stop like how can these boys have haters?!?

    • Liv C Haha I know right? Actually the entire kpop industry are their haters bc they’re so successful. They came from a small Indie startup company who only had them & one other singer rather than one of the BIG THREE entertainment companies which produce manufactured music & are a monopoly. BTS is one of the best underdog stories ever. Their beginning was so humble so they have always written & produced their own music w a couple of producers. Plus they work their ass off on their original choreography! Look for MVs like BTS: from nobodies to legends to learn some of their back story.

  • 대단하다 진짜

  • Can we all appreciate Hobi doing the shoot dance in 2:00 xd

  • Efsane grubummmm

  • SV-tv deleted views: ARMY: DID U SEE MY BAG SV-tv deleted again: ARMY: I DO IT I DO IT SUE IT SV-tv: shut up bro I’m tired

  • Os amo!!

  • 哦啊啊摹

  • 이노래에서는 홉이 매력폭발~~!! 라이브도 너무너무 안정적이고 너무멋져~♡

  • Omg bts jiminnnnnnn

  • jhope is such a great dancer....

  • Wow mic Drop again thank you SNL, i miss mic drop

  • One thing I like about MIC drop is that no one can perform it like BTS

  • j-hope is that a kurta?? xD

  • Man j-hope snapped ❤❤ 2:05 look at him go.

  • 2017: Everybody was asking about "The GUCCI HEADBAND GUY" 2018: Everybody was asking about "The BLONDE HAIRED GUY" 2019: Everybody was asking about "The GREEN MINT HAIRED GUY" Also 2019: Everybody was asking & crazy about "The BLUE HAIRED GUY" Taehyung: Hold my Gucci Me: Sitting pretty right here and sipping my tea while waiting for the next furor caused by this Daegu man...

  • 3:36 i'm definitely junghooked.

  • I exhausted watch they dancing there, here. How they breathe?

    • Suana Jayadi They train hard for hours. When they started they had to sing while running on a treadmill to develop their amazing lung capacity. They also switch the lead frequently so that there is not just one lead singer or rapper!

    • Suana Jayadi They train 12-18 Hours a day

  • 음향 효과 안좋긴 해.... SNL이 이디엠 특화는 아니니까 그럼에도 불구하고 잘해낸 우리 방탄소년단이 엄청 대단한거다.

  • They are a lot more guysss... A lot more and we always love themmmm

  • Daebakkkkk

  • How many mics do ya'll think suga broke? HAHAHAHAHA

  • Hobi's outfit looks like it kurta pajama Indain army's will get it 😂

  • they legit look tired, legit performance 👌👌

  • Too small stage

  • I cant move on the fact tht suga is the perfect person to drop the mic like how can he looks so cool n swag without even trying 😎

  • 2:15 😯i just noticed... OMO TAEHYUNG

  • IM NEW TO BTS AND JIN IS BECOMING MY BIAS HES SO CUTE omgggg why is he so cute whenever he forgets his part (OR AM I WRONG) OMG HIS VOICE IM LITERALLY DYING

    • Also , i recommend these songs and turn the caption on : Young forever epilogue Cypher part 4 Airplane part 1 Airplane part 2 comeback live Home Make it right Butterfly Suga nevermind Epiphany Singularity Serendipity Bts v scenery Bts jungkook cover Bts suga seesaw Run

    • I recommend you watch "bts are just people" , "bts hardships" , "who is bts the seven members of bangtan" , "why namjoon shines bright as the leader" , "bts from nobodies to legends part 1 and part 2" also "bts is not a group, bts is a family" . These videos is good for new fans to know them more :) its about their background and their journey from the beginning until the become right now

  • Wow! Definitely better performances from BTS than any other American music artists! Very impressive and talented group.

  • 😍😍

  • OMG I died at 3:37

  • no need MR Remove to prove that they didn't lip sync

  • My love for them grows even bigger after every performances of them that I watch. Imagine singing live and dancing that hard and organized. Strong power, BTS! Proud Army here! 💜💜💜

  • The way jimin pronounces the word Busy is so cute.

  • 멋지다 방탄~♡