Game Theory: FNAF 7, The Untold Story of Sister Location

Zverejnené 24 mar 2019
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FNAF is back again. This game never really ends, does it? This time Scott Cawthon put up teasers for the new installment, Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. Of course then he took the main image down for other reasons, but that's for another day. Today, I am here to tell you that I have figured out the ENTIRE new lore for FNAF VR. From our return to Sister Location, to what this all means for this beloved franchise - it's going to get DARK! Are you ready, Theorists?
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Words of Scraptrap/Springtrap.

  • Jablinksky: No gaming video this week. Next week I promise! Matpat: No more fnaf videos ever. Not again we promise! Two lies we’ve lived by for too long 😭

  • Stop kicking the dead horse

  • Never clicked on a video faster

  • I love this new style of Game Theory, well done

  • Mat pat: No more FNAF theories Scott: Yeaaaa( Next year) GOTCHA BI*CH

  • Im excited for the new games.

  • Lmao h called it bruhhhh

  • Mat: I'm finally done with Fanf Scott: yes....

  • Matpat: we are done with fnaf Scott: Brings much more than expected Matpat: Am i a joke to you

  • oof

  • Things I hate 1.when peple can't spell 3.when peple can't count 2.when peple edit their comments 4.when peple ask for likes Like if u agree.

  • Mat Pat play fnaf vr

  • lmao poor matpat

  • I don't know what's more terrifying, the idea of dead beat animatronics could seem more realistic or the fact that Matpat has the will to endure this🤔

  • What happened to Mike Afton's older brother?

  • Me: Finally, FNAF and Petscop are done (I hope). The things of my nightmares and traumatic experiences are gone. Matpat: Hmmm, whatever not the final FNAF theory. And maybe a new Petscop theory. 😈 Me: Kill me now

  • 3:36 top right | He means top left I’m sorry I just really want we to correct the correcter

  • Old game theory style was better

  • Mat pat: will did my theory video is the game realeased now Scott: realeases trailer next day

  • Wow #1 on trending noice

  • Why do you think the trailer came out a day after this theory

  • MatPat is killing himself with fnaf

  • i'm sorry you have to deal with this matpat

  • Hey V sauce, Matt here..... why change video style?

  • matpat, love this new video style. please do more like this

  • I just got finish with state of play and came up on this beautiful video

  • Jumpscares are kinda cheap.

  • Just wait until the VR GAME COMES OUT! Fellow theorists, be loyal, be patient, and be proud.

  • MatPat: Scott: MatPat: Scott: MatPat: Scott: JK Rowling memes are popular right now soooooo. MatPat: Piss off liberal. Scott: Rawr XD

  • I like this new video format

  • #1 trending lesgo!

  • I’m sorry Matt for FNaF 7

  • Kirby has deep lore

  • You're suffering of FNAF Fatigue

  • I think mat pat should make one big Kirby lore theory

  • So it really was FNAF VR: Help Wanted, Matpat was right. Now let's wait and see about the content of the game...

  • MatPat: " You could win 100 dollars In Theory Wear!!


  • Office reference?


  • #1 in trending!!!

  • MatPat: Nobody: Literally nobody: Scott Cawthon: _FNAF 7 MY DUDES_

  • Just let me die

  • You can never escape it. I’m sorry for you MatPat

  • LOVE this new episode format!!!!! Keep on filming like this i love it

  • Lmao it's a very

  • #1 on trending peeps!

  • STOP

  • Matpat: it’s done... Scott: well, no

  • Cant wait to see you guys play his new game

  • So you know what this means... *the king will put on his crown once more*


  • The thumbnail is beautiful.

  • 1 on trending, MY GOD

  • i can HEAR my little brother spazing out if he found more fnaf stuff was coming out

  • Not again...

  • Mat pat: finally, I have finally found out the lore Scott: HAHA ha mat pat you have lost coz " throne the new game"

  • Scott : Laugh's while watching this video 🤣🤣 Matt Pat: another fnaf, yayyyyy, I hate you guys

  • I always liked that each teaser was basically a mini arg

  • MatPat: Okay, I’m done the FNAF series, NO MORE. Scott: Hey 6 ) 6

  • You're NEVER going to believe, what trailer just released

  • Matpat : Finally ! Fnaf is over ! Scott : Sike u thougt *posts fnaf 7 trailer*

  • Loving the new style :)

  • Mat seriously you need to rest "dont listen to them" "remember the bed"

  • Nobody: Scott Cawthon: Hold my beer

  • 13:28 that isn’t Funtime Foxy. But instead Lolbit. May be wrong, but I don’t know.

  • Just letting everyone know I’m selling mini pots now

  • Why would people dislike this Matt has done all this theory's and you treat him like that. Man you have no respect for people


  • If you look at the bonnie picture with his eye out you can see a small eye right in the middle

  • Y'all noticed that the picture changed in the website?

  • i absolutely love how this video is edited. 10 out of 10

  • Here we go again._.

  • it looks like Springbonnie, Funtime Foxy and Foxy are stuck together????? i think

  • markiplier, get ready.

  • Ohhhh matpat, you were right! He did announce it straight after you uploaded

  • My wife is as died as FNAF trend is and I lock her in the basement for 2 years. The sad part is I can't get my wine

  • Matt: finally the fanf series is over and done with. Scott: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

  • trailer up on playstation channel also nailed it

  • I don’t why but you just make me laugh so much cause I watch this series sense day 1 and I finished the last book

  • Matpat: finally. No more fnaf. Scott: *releases fnaf vr* Matpat: am i a joke to you?

  • I like the new way this was made how your walking around but I understand if you wouldn’t do it again if it’s more work than before (I don’t know much about editing if anything like that)

  • 5:29 but.......Jeremy didn’t die. Phone Guy said in Night 1, FNaF 1 that it’s amazing the human body can live without the frontal lobe


  • I'm excited

  • game devs: so scott how many games do you want to make? scott: *yes*

  • #1 on trending. That's pretty good.

  • i normally get nightmares after watching FNAF theories but its always worth it. and i want to point out that in The Fourth Closet the animatronics were also welded together. and what if the technician were playing as was the person who was suspected of murdering those kids.

  • Poor MatPat. You are going to have an amazing week trying to decode the new teaser.

  • When thr person said i know it was an accedent at 9:40 it sounda likr peppa pig

  • yes fnaf 7!

  • Wtf the new clip of PNL is not in the top video in USA But it is #1 in the majority countries in Europe ,go check !

  • Matpat: I finished Fnaf Theory😭 Scott: Are you sure about that?

  • Yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaasssssssss

  • Battle Royal fnaf confirmed?

  • If you go into the Enard files it was taken on a IPhone 6. It is probably for the movie.

  • "Filthy frank we miss you" Yes.... We do matt patt... Thank you.

  • I think they made the right move in not making a movie, considering how most video game movies end up.......

  • Wait, I looked up you "" sites for images"" and it said not found!?!?