Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

Zverejnené 14 mar 2019
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • Long live Thanos

  • Me when Thanos isn’t in the trailer: WHY IS THANOS

  • everyone is very likeable except that one block of wood they introduced for no reason

  • "I like this one" -Thor 2019

  • Who else waiting for the Release date?

  • Iron man :let's call John wick to join us in the endgame Thanos: am sorry but Mr wick didn't survive my snap John Wick: hi Tony what's the emergency Thanos has left the chat....... Thanos has left the planet 🌏.... Thanos has left the galaxy 🌌.... Oh wait Thanos has snapped himself lol


  • This movie better be like 4 hours

  • Were gonna make this movie be a meme What ever it takes *what ever it takes*

  • 1:07 Steve: i keep telling everybody they should move on... 1:12 Steve: some do. 1:14 Bananas?!?!

  • First 1:13 - past avengers scene Last 1:13 - endgame PERFECTLY BALANCED

  • Incredible trailer love 💕 it marvels👌💕💕

  • But not us or bananas?

  • Some people will watch this trailer only once BANANAS

  • Black widow is shooting because shes angry She knows that she cant beat thanos like that

  • This is gonna break all records....

  • Thor: *sees a comment about him on SV-tv* “I like this one”

  • How come tickets aren’t out yet??? The release date is next month!!!!

  • Whoever made this music is a genius

  • Everyone: Drax is in the trailer he’s just really still to the point he’s invisible *Insta 11k likes*

  • Could you say this to the actor of black panther what are those!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁😁

  • Pls sup me

  • Wow

  • 😍

  • Don’t let pewdiepie surpass tseries Whatever it takes....

  • Dr. Strange went with popcorn to see this movie

  • the return of mjolnir?

    • No, that's still Stormbreaker, 2:21 its handle is too long to be Mjolnir. They just focus on the part that is half hammer.

  • I was expecting much from this movie before I watched the trailer... But now? Idk

    • Tin Verano they’re just not revealing anything

  • Why does it gotta be Thor in the End?

  • What I don’t get is that if Thanos had been doing massacres in multiple planets, how come Captain Marvel never heard of him? Was it really necessary to get a signal from Earth?

  • Can we talk about what the heck is going on with Hawkeye’s hair?

  • Did anyone watch the Deadpool version of this trailer

  • All of my least fav super heroes are in this movie....

  • Captain Marvel LAAAAME

  • avengers jump to quantum realm there will be a city chronpolis which is ruled by someone . Marvel likely cant use kang because it didnt have rights to use kang before post production. we can see kang as future villian. from that city they jump to various points.


  • Word on the street is, thanos ain’t gonna be in the film ☹️

  • Who here before the movie? 👆

  • Cool thing this is oficial

    • WHITE TIGER_YT19 cheers Geoff

  • God this movie will be the end for me😭😭😭

  • How lucky is doctor strange ? He saw endgame when we were watching infinity war

  • 10 years passed and my hawkwidow ship still stands.

  • We need to thank starlord for giving us a 2nd movie

  • Rose's are red! Half of the universe is dead! Why Thor Didn't went for head?

  • At the end Captain Marvel didn’t flinch because she knew Thor doesn’t go for the head

  • * Black Widow practices shooting * Thanos : Am I a joke to you ?!

  • Infinity war trailer: Where is Hawkeye? End game trailer: Where is Thanos?

  • Why Thor Why You didn't went for the HEAD??? 😣😣😀😀

  • That’s weird, this trailer focuses that it’s gonna be the end of Thanos...yet I don’t see Antman anywhere

  • Wherever it takes Whoever it takes Why ever it takes Only marvel fans gives a like

  • Thanos:no body can kill me Deadpool:Me too

  • We can thank Thor and star Lord for this movie

  • Will cap sacrifice Tony to get soul stone to tell how much they love each other after what happened in civil war?

  • What about ant man when he will come ?

    • +Wajid Ali On Infinity War, Black Widow said that he and Hawkeye were on house arrest.

    • Ok ok thanks But I am asking Why he does not appear in infinity war ?

    • He was in the trailer.

  • what if i told u Pepper fades away after the snap and Tony doesn´t know that when he leaves her the message on that space ship?

  • Thanos? The Next Avengers Member😂

  • i wonder if ultron is gonna be back because endgame thingy

  • Let's hope in Avengers 4 the Hulk will get some ⚽'s back to come out and fight Thanos.

  • where is wolverine?

  • If this movie is filled with jokes I don’t care anymore

  • ^thanos snap^ Hawkeye: oh.. what happen to my hair ??

  • Thanos : I am Unbeatable Iron Man : If Doctor Was Here I would have shown you future. Thanos : Its Impossible Iron Man : Bring him Back, i will give you Proof Thanos : Tell me his Identity Iron Man : I don't Know , bring all back, I will select him for you Gauntlet : Tewwwwwwwwwww!!! (All are Revived, mission accomplished)

  • Just go back when quill tried to punch thanos

  • How lucky is Dr. Strange? He saw endgame while we were watching infinity War...

  • I'm sooo gonna watch this

  • Please dont have captain marvel save the day!

  • Guys, if you realize, the flashbacks are monochrome but they leave all red colors in. Their suits are red and white. Maybe they will relive their lives through time travel. Meh i dunno

  • Release date of this film in the Netherlands?

  • Some people will move on after Stan Lee's death But not us *not us*

  • I won't watch this movie because there aren't a superman 👌😑

  • Nebula is there twice in the Suit Up Scene at the end, behine Steve and behind Iron Man, why, maybe that is the fake scene like in the Infinity War Trailer, when Hulk was in Wakanda, hopefully not

  • Dr. Strange can you tell us what happened in Avengers Endgame?🙏🙏

  • Greatest hyped sequel to the greatest hyped movie

  • Why tha hell not Trend #1 in germany ???!!!

  • Daniel Baron Sues David Guetta song Plagarism

  • *Natasha practising with a pistol* Thanos: Bruh

  • They are really good

  • Natasha : *holds Hawkeye's hand* Banner: How could you

  • When did Thor get his hammer back?

    • +Spooky Baron Remember, Stormbreaker is a weapon that's half hammer, half axe.

    • marvelousdcgeek 97 is it? It looked more like the hammer. I’ll have to rewatch in slow mo lol. Cheers

    • That's still Stormbreaker, the weapon he made in Infinity War.

  • Can't be as good as Infinity war, just not feelin it

  • i'm just wishin there's a cap peggy reunion scene in the flashbacks

  • 1:56 what is tony doing here ? wasn't he alone on a lost spaceship in space?

  • *Plot Twist- Ant-man jumps into thanos' butthole then expanded . Endgame*

  • indonesia gabung sini..!!!

  • 35 days left for Endgame

  • "50% of all living creatures" All plants and trees were alive. Thanks to thanos, wipe out half of humanity.

  • 50% of all living being, how about plants or microorganisms ????

  • Whatever it takes.We all fight Thanos for Stan Lee.Even our own lives to be taken to stop him once and for all

  • I luv seeing the avenger’s logo forming back from being dust, but not that perfect it still has fracture in it. I think capt america sacrifice himself

  • 44# trending ok thanos that’s to much snaping

  • I hope Stan Lee was able to see this movie before he passed. He the reason for so many things that have allowed Marvel and it’s cinematic universe to thrive.

  • When the Russo’s only give you 15 minutes of footage so you have to use flashbacks.

  • here im in Indonesia. cant wait to see this film.

  • dang i wish i can time travel

  • Thor:this time i will aim to the head

  • Captain marvel can pick up Thor’s hammer confirmed

  • Isn't Thanos dont know whats happen with him? I think he must know cz everyone watched avengers end game trailer🙄

  • End game 1st trailer- 3 months 91 million views End game 2nd trailer-1 week 74 million views

  • 1:50 best scene ever!!!

  • I dont think those scenes are flashbacks,it could be present day