Shaq Tries to Not Make a Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Zverejnené 14 mar 2019
Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most dominant players in NBA history, an analyst on TNT's Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA, and a globally recognized DJ sensation bringing Shaq's Fun House is to Miami Music Fest on March 29th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Big Aristotle has his date with the wings of death-one he claims he only accepted because he thought Justin Timberlake was hosting. Along the way, Shaq discusses his history with Kobe Bryant, breaks down his record-breaking Walmart purchase, and joins Sean Evans in a high-stakes free-throw shooting contest.
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  • SHAQ! FINALLY! Enjoy the show and get your official HOT ONES merch here, spice lords:

  • *18:45** Teens First time smoking cigarettes.*

  • its probably not that hot let me try


  • Had to immediately stop watching after “we had no differences”... “we had differences of opinions “

  • 11:20 the face....your welcome

  • 18:20 Shaq : kansas don't know how to do no hot sauce 18:49 Shaq:*fucking dies*

  • Anyone else here because of the Memes of him

  • Lovely

  • So many of my fellow Kansans watching this video realizing our lord Shaq just mentioned our irrelevant state

  • Spicy wings tries to not make a face while eating Shaq

  • That memes bro

  • In my opinion Sean Evans is the stiffest and worst host ever.

  • No shame, a pleasure to watch!

  • He has the pinkest tongue I’ve ever seen what the frick

  • When they call me Dr.Shaq it makes me *_HARD_*

  • Wen some won is smoking 18:49

  • This is why u came here 11:14

  • Shaq "gets me hard"

  • there's fear in that mans eyes

  • 18:28 thank me later

  • Shaq made like 20 faces and

  • This man big

  • Did Shaq eat nothing but Skittles before the show to make his tongue look like that?

  • 11:18 is what you came for

  • This is so funny

  • Do Tyler the creator!

  • 11:19 thank me later

  • Shaqs living his best liffffe

  • I think you are all here for 21:56

  • u should het matt stonie

  • Another meme is born today helllll yaaah

  • Congrats your meme

  • Snotty Pippen 😂😂😂😂

  • 11:17

  • Nobody: Shaq on hot ones: 👀 🐽 O

  • 11:11

  • 11:18 Shaq right before saying he still hasn’t made a face lmao

  • Shaq: Kansas don't know how to do no hot wings. Kansas. -Oh I apologize Kansas. Kansas: -Ladies and gentlemen, we got him

  • 11:20 for instant meme

  • I think after this show Shaq is going to be “ boo booing on 4’s” 😂

  • The meme begins

  • 11:18 is where the meme is

  • Shaq is amazing at what he does but hes dumb as a rock.

  • Can you bring on Charles Barkley

  • 11:18 original meme

  • OH yeah it gets sham HARD when he gets called Dr.O'neal

  • Dudes fucking massive

  • 11:16: What you've always wanted

  • Jeez, he looks goofy the way he eats but I sure as hell would never say that URL because he'd probably grab head and spilt down the middle.

  • Who else came here from the meme?

  • 11:20

  • 18:30 For the memes

  • Do x Oh wait

  • 11:13 wired face

  • The background music pretty much ruined this whole video for me

  • My favorite meme

  • 11:18 :o

  • Who else came here cause of the meme?

  • 11:18 what u guys came for

  • damn those are some tiny chicken wings...oh wait. It's Shaq! :D

  • This was the weirdest episode lol

  • How does a human being get this big? It scares me

  • For anyone wondering where the meme came from it’s a 11:16

  • Sean evens is so awesome

  • Damn Shaq lowkey disrespectful in this interview. Talking over Sean, tryna control the show, making his own rules and betting charity money yet he wants to talk about respect.

  • That music at the motivational. I want to eat some cheese.

  • Is it me or dose he look red

  • “Kanas don’t know how to do no hot wings”

  • Shaq has a huge heart. Fr.

  • 11:20 SRY

  • 11:23 Ur Welcome

  • omg, I'm scared. why was the ad before this a SKITTLES AD?! AND THEN little do I know, this video is sponsored by SKITTLES... I'm over this lol

  • His reaction to "Da Bomb" is the best... reminds me of Kevin Hart when he tried it and said, "Now I know why they call it 'Da Bomb'..., it just exploded"


  • 11:20 when you try pussy for first time

  • Boooooooooo SHAQ!!!!!!! WINNIE!!!

  • As always, Sean is a true professional, eatin that dumbass Shaq sauce wing on his own show. What a trooper. No matter the guest, I’ll keep coming back for Sean

  • 11:17 thank me later.

  • 11:16 What you came here for

  • I'll never understand why they take one bite and throw the rest of it away.

  • 10:23-10:38 anyone able to decipher what this man just said

  • Jk this one wins

  • Do the impractical jokers!!

  • Lmfao at 8:24 Shaq voice cracked

  • Imagine if Shaq would have went strongmang instead of basketball. He would have become absolutely gigantic.

  • Still not making a face though!! While breathing fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!! 😂😂😂

  • I don’t think I’ve ever realized that Shaq has tattoos


  • Does Sean has tiny hands?

  • Ay can we get Tyler The Creator on here?

  • that gallon of milk looks TINY in his hands OMG

  • Yup it's what some people looking for 11:17 14:30 18:22 21:55

  • *21:58** When you eat a Chicken in Minecraft and you dont get the hunger effect.*

  • I really enjoy all the lip smacking food in mouth sounds this channel brings me. This episode was particularly ripe. Seriously, is there no way to prevent that? Feel like I’m listening to Jim Sterling eat dinner.


  • I’m dyinggg

  • thsese wings look so small in his Hands hahaha

  • Everything shaq picks up looks tiny compared to him

  • Derrick Lewis!