The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!

Zverejnené 18 apr 2019
PSA: Several Galaxy Folds have already broken. Here's what's happening.
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  • I broke my dslite and my gameboy sp. Im not gonna get this

  • What’s with the foreshadowing subliminal message?

  • Markass Brownie

  • Everybody talking bout the film I'm bothered by how he peeled it in the middle lol

  • Galaxy fool

  • Could you imagine if this was apple. People (android users) talk so much shit about apple lol saying we're stupid to pay $1200 for a phone and says apple is a ripoff. Yet samsung sells a 2k phone and nobody says a word lol. When iphones were bending in people's back pocket, the world exploded. Samsung has a device where if you fucking peel plastic it breaks lmao. Na, I'll keep my xs max

  • Design fail

  • What a trash phone. Why would they build it like that? The edge should be inside the bezel

  • This crazy if you like sports subscribe to my channel

  • It will get better with the next generation!

  • Just pathetic. Everything. No warning about that stupid layer. And, what it's more important. Why didn't they give the phone to reviewers before putting it on the market? I'm seeing another note 7 disaster.

  • So it's basically garbage. Waite for two generations ahead before getting one of those

  • R.I.P Samsung Galaxy fold

  • Sony had a rolling OLED screen prototype way back in 2005 so I believe in what they say, it's over 8 years actually. The prototype from 2007 could get curved and rolled. Rolling the screen caused some lines and dead pixels. I suppose Sony never developed the prototype further because of durability issues. Samsung came up with this Phone over 10 years later and it still has these issues...

  • This guy only makes money from drama doesn’t he

  • Some Subs with no vids?

  • Note 10 will be far better than fold!!

  • Samsung phone look so fake

  • Who would want a fold phone stupid.

  • Do they just push things out now without testing them?

  • I think samsung need to fix this asap and pause the distribution first like the note 7

  • make a 4,3" phone! nothing more

  • LOL, guess you don't read instructions either.

  • Mark ass brownlee

  • I think someone will do a bend test with you for what you said at 6:45 😂😂

  • Won't be getting this phone.

  • I just don't get it - how is this even a thing? We've had "foldable phones" for YEARS - they're commonly known as "flip" phones and they're still being sold. If anyone's going to argue that a flip phone is not the same thing, then my only questions are: can you call and talk to someone on it? Can you do that without being tethered to a wall in your home? All those extra bells and whistles can be found on tablets and chromebooks. Tech developers should be spending their time more productively. Get your priorities straight! We have yet to *actually* send people to the Moon, and cancer is still out there.

  • Lol if this was an iPhone 😂😂😂

  • Who the hell would actually buy the samsung fold phone

  • I miss the note 7...

  • Smart incredible phone, and the funny user!

  • If it aint broke dont fix fit.why would you take off a screen protector anyways when its new?

  • The S10 protector is purposely installed to be left on as well, though with no consequence if you take it off. You can't use a regular screen protector as it won't allow the fingerprint reader inside the screen to work.

  • People so concerned with having the thinnest, coolest phones. Thinner usually also means more fragile. Having a phone screen that folds is pointlessly creating a stress-point. Love the old iPhones. Big blocks that can be dropped and thrown and still live on. Just wish it had more battery power. Never liked this sleek thin technology that’s always coming out... Btw I’m not some old grandpa I’m 18 hahaha I just prefer devices that will LAST over something that looks cool or is moderately more convenient.

  • Unfold the future, and it will shut off in 5 seconds

  • 2 phone made with cheap plastic lol, keep erasing my comments negrito, igual ya te ves patetico

  • this phone is reason to stay home. protest. boykott all plastic. we want good plastic

  • It’s Galaxy FOLD!!! It folds.

  • lets sell mass produced prototypes(samsung just made that a thing) for $2000. First the game industry started releasing unfinished products, now the electronic industry. Whats next? Half cooked food? Oh wait, Kitchen Nightmares.

  • no device is invincible to getting damaged or broken when it constantly being used having said that this device or folding phone is definitely NOT worth 2 thousand dollars especially when you think about how fragile the screen really is even when you don't try to remove it and that unfortunately is the foundation of the whole entire phone !!!!

  • Good news! Apple is releasing same version of phone! It's called... Apple iFold!

  • If at first it doesn't peel away easily, hit it with your blue eyes white drag... oh wait.

  • Any small you tubers tryna follow each other

  • To good to be true.. Samsung dont get over your heads

  • Dis gave us proof dat sometimes humans are the dumbest thing on dis planet. If you would’ve read the box, or manual, you would’ve obtained knowledge to not peel it off, but, I am not talking shit about you because let’s be real, do I pay attention, HELL NO, but it would’ve helped to read 4:34

  • nex step should be mission to mars displays like roll film. thats it. one stick battery witch cpu gpu and flexi display like solar panel. can also be solar panel inclusive. with fluescent high voltage foil.

  • This is why you don't buy a phone on release, neither consoles or almost anything in the world

  • If Samsung SHARES go down. Well, stupidity cause it. Don't take off the screen..

  • Niger are you for real

  • Never peel my Oppo screen protector and been using it over 4 years never come off .

  • Y’all just gonna ignore the jerry rig everything pun?

  • Why peel off the screen protector anyway? Its there for a reason?

  • To the People Who buy it in 1st Release. "Hello Beta Tester!"

  • Samsung is such a bust

  • This is what happens when you GIVE amateurs nice tech! So you got a review unit had you been tech savy you would have known its not simply a screen protector. It had no obvious way to remove it nor does it encourage you to do so, had you PAID for it would you have been as quick to start digging away at the screen on your brand new phone!

  • I’ve never once wished my phone could fold...

  • Markass Brownlee

  • Wow a bendable piece of shit who would’ve that Samsung would market a phone for 1000 dollars just to have it break in 48 hours

  • Everyone who buys this phone is basically a concept beta tester. I will just wait for the tech to mature and for companies to improve on the products when they inevitably break during this testing period.

  • Just as proof for that he will be saying that about folding phones in 2023, look at his videos from just 5 years ago. Those phones are complete trash compared to phone nowadays


  • This is why I buy iPhones...

  • Jerryrigseverything reference?

  • Honestly this is a good thing. Now they know how to perfect this

  • fuck. shit. bitch. young apple fold and i'm gettin really rich

  • EXPECTED.. even nokia era of flipping phone breaks easily.. now flip screen?? Obviously... 1st batch of flip screen, surely prob.. trial n error version

  • So first was the explosive Samsung Galaxy and now this?

  • Lol XD I still remember people saying that this phone is the future Lolololol.

  • Stick with Google Pixel

  • "Tim Cook" sitting down having popcorn and watching this

  • Markass Brownley

  • Hate to say i told u so.... but

  • So they just make phones and dont test them for warranty. Stupid

  • How did multiple people think it was ok to add a screen protector that breaks the screen if you remove it, to a phone?

  • @06:46 I see what you did there 😉.

  • Apple who?

  • Samsung be fuckin up lmao .... Who remembers when they made that note that was blowing up in people's pockets lmao

  • Still better than Apple

  • meme review

  • add me on insta: kaden_lawrence

  • $2,000 phone... that motherfucker better have a button, that when pushed, summons pussy to my exact location!

  • Lol this is a retarded product that no one should buy. Samsung obviously didn't even bother to QC test the product. With a plastic screen protector it is going to scratch SO much more easily.

  • That phone is thick and ugly

  • That phone gonna push iPhone X family to the top... . . . . . . Not because of display, because it is useless. . For the sake of innovation? . Oh please, Get an iPhone and an iPad. Get a S10e and a Galaxy Tab or sth.

  • Least it didn’t catch on fire

  • Wow, the success of this product really **hinges** on this protective layer... Sorry but I had to...

  • Why didn't they put this plastic under the glass. Like it doesn't make sense to me.

  • We're rooting for folding shit as well markass

  • Cool Im gonna go peel somebodys skin off

  • I don't like smartphone this model

  • So basically you guys broke the phone.

  • Doesn't even look like a screen protector

  • We don’t need a foldable phone tho lmao.

  • Iphone all one needs!

  • They were very happy to give you a new one because you said you had filmed it. You didn’t lose the footage they just told you not to post it and they would give you another one

  • *scratches at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7*

  • GREAT! video, Marques. Peace.

  • *uh-oh*

  • @2:06.....You say that "You regret losing that footage"....of (the proof) of the peeling off the protective film. LOST it? How so? (only single card capture, no wholesale, raw capture copy?) I have 12 years of digital files I wish I could lose.

  • Wow imagine apple released a $2k iPhone that broke when you got it. The outcry. The memes. The techtalktv videos. The unbox therapy videos. Samsung? Nothing